Finally an update!

That’s right people, fret no more! I have found the time to provide you with the next edition of my weekly-ish video blog for Floobz. I bet you thought we’d given up huh? Huh??

Well no, far from it my friend. Thanks to my current employment status, progress on Floobz has been fantastic in the last two weeks. I would go as far to say that the game is roughly 90% completed. Sadly, the remaining 10% is always the hardest as it mainly involves testing and more testing and even more testing. But YOU don’t need to worry about that – just sit back and watch!

Floobz Update – Part 1

Floobz Update – Part 2


Hang on a second. What is Floobz?

That is an excellent question and is one I wish to answer as best as possible. Let’s start with trying to sum it up in one line.

“It’s Lemmings meets The Incredible Machine.”

That would be one way of putting it. Let’s see what the Game Design Document (GDD) says.

“Floobz have been trapped below water towers all around the world by an unknown enemy. Their only chance of escape is to take a deep breath and float to the surface. Unfortunately Floobz have no hands or feet and aren’t the cleverest of creatures so navigation is going to be a problem. Many dangerous obstacles stand in the way of freedom, but with your help they stand a chance! Help the Floobz by building different machines in strategic locations to navigate them safely through the level. Give the Floobz a helping hand by interacting with them directly in many ways. With multiple solutions to each level and bonuses to find, save as many Floobz as you can!”

So, does this tickle your fancy yet? I’d love to know. Personally I can’t wait to play it, I always loved Lemmings as a kid and I’m hoping this will have a similar charm and addictive quality to it, whilst still being unique and original.

Here’s a feature list we have put together to highlight the main aspects of the game. Once again this is an extract from the GDD (are you noticing a pattern yet? Seriously, write a GDD).

  • Challenging and original concept
  • Create objects within the world
    • Add fans, buttons and other objects to the world to manipulate the flow of the Floobz
  • Interact with the Floobz
    • Inflate Floobz to increase their rate of ascension
    • Pop Floobz so they explode and destroy surrounding obsticles
    • And more!
  • Explore levels to find secret paths and powerups
  • Earn Achievements by completing a variety of different actions
  • Get the Floobz to sing different tunes on the title screen to unlock special features
  • 100+ levels
  • Level designer for players to create their own levels (possibly save for future update)
  • Tutorial mode to ease player in

I honestly can’t wait to show you more. The best I can offer right now is some concept art and sketches of the interface. There will be more to come soon once the level editor is finished and we can start some serious work on the iPhone code. Next time I’ll talk to you about the level editor and maybe even knock up a video showing you a quick demo of it – afterall, you may want to make some of your own in future!

A Floob

A sketch of the main in-game interface

KPM Russ