Who am I?

I’m Russell King. I am from Bolton in England, born 18th October 1983. I wrote my first “game” at the age of 6 on my commodore 64 – it was rubbish but I loved it.

I think that programming is much like Lego – its fun to think of something and then build it – which is probably why I still like Lego.

I went to the University of Salford and got a computer science degree.

I went to work as a developer for a debt management company.

Outside of my full-time job, myself and 3 other colleagues have come together to form KPM Software. We have released precious little in our time (lots of discontinued projects). However, earlier this year we released our first iPhone game called Bungee Ninja. It’s done ok. To learn more about KPM and the team goto http://kpmsoftware.wordpress.com

What is this site?

This blog is all about my developer journey for Floobz. I’ll do my best to post regularly on the latest development news for this new iPhone game.

Why am I doing it?

I’m hoping that there are other like minded people out there who want to make games for living, and would like to hear about someone else’s journey. It’s also the beginning of a long and exhausting marketing plan that I have.

When will Floobz be released?

When it is finished. At present I expect that to be around Christmas 2011.

What is Floobz?

An new iPhone puzzle/strategy game of similar ilk to Lemmings.

Will it be good?

I wouldn’t bother writing it if I didn’t want to play it myself.

Is this a solo project?

Not quite. I am the creator and lead developer for Floobz. However, my KPM colleagues intend to chip in from time to time.


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