Happy belated Xmas and New Year!

Yes I know. I’ve been absent for quite some time now. I know that upsets you but I truly do hope you had a fantastic holiday season, I really do!

Ok with that out the way lets have a catch up Q and A session. This will be made up of questions that I THINK people would have been asking if indeed I actually had any readers 😉

1. Russ, has KPM given up on floobz?

Well, that really is the big question isn’t it? The answer is a tremendously big and obesely fat ‘No’.

2. Ok so have you actually made any progress since last time?


3. You’re not saying much, how come?

Because its 1:30 in the morning, my wife is asleep next to me and I’m typing this on my HTC.

4. Fine I’ll let you off. But when can we see a new screencast?

Well, I currently have a significant amount of time available for working on floobz… so maybe tomorrow?!

5. And can we expect to see a huge step forward!

Massive steps… to the point where functionality is virtually finished. Just a few tweaks here and there. The main bulk of the work is actually creating some levels now – we have plenty of test levels and a few tutorial levels but nothing finalized. You won’t be disappointed though.

6. When will Floobz be released?


7. Have you improved the graphics?

We have indeed. Hugely. Our good friend Jonna has done a fantastic job on that front.

Ok. Q and A session over. Jo just turned to face me and give me the evils. I think that means I should stop. But I promise ill show you all something really really soon!

Nighty night people.


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