Floobz Development Update

Good evening world,

So, D-Ream was wrong – things got much worse first. I took my car to the garage last Saturday and the slightly odd but still helpful mechanic said that the fact the engine still started was a good thing and that he would get back to me on Monday. He did get back to me and told me that my car is a write off. “Well, that really sucks” I thought. Then I cried a little in the comfort of a toilet cubicle at work – I mean come on thats £5k down the pan! I mean i KNOW that it had a larger-than-realistically-required 2.5 litre engine but I loved that car!

Then I manned up, wiped away the tears and did what any sensible bloke would do. That’s right, I applied for finance and bought another BMW with a bigger engine! Get in!

So with that messy situation over with I can finally stop worrying and concentrate on Floobz again. This week we have completed the following:

  • Build Panel
  • Button Tile

Apologies for the sound quality this week, I forget to turn the volume up on my microphone – I’ll get the hang of this screencast lark eventually.


Sorry this is a short post this week but wifey is mithering me to come to bed. Oh the nerve!

Nighty Night.



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