Meet The Floobz Team – Mattius

Good afternoon everyone,

In this, the first of my “Meet The Floobz Team” posts I’ll be introducing you to my KPM colleague Matt, or as he likes to be known ‘Mattius’.

Matt was the first of us to learn Objective C in order to write games for Apple devices. His first accomplishment was our first game Bungee Ninja which had relative success earning us enough money to put towards another Mac. We all like to think of Matt as being rather God-like as there’s nothing he can’t do with a computer – keep him entertained and he’ll churn out code like it’s going out of fashion. This makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Matt also has a warped sense of reality and often considers himself a fine match for the cult eighties cartoon character He-Man. See for yourself.








Just as God intended no doubt.

Matt has his own blog over at where he’ll discuss all manner of things, though of course his focus in the near future will no doubt be on things to do with the on-going development of Floobz. I expect that Matt will also post on this blog from time to time, but don’t expect too much, we want Matt focusing on what he does best (coding of course :->)

Next time on “Meet The Floobz Team” I’ll introduce you all to The Chee.

Have a good weekend!


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